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im taryn and i am homesick xx

"We all have souls of different ages."

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"This girl was the real thing. Someone to stir every pulse in the nation. She had a heart shaped face, an hour-glass figure and thick auburn hair dyed a flaming orange red. She had 'It', the most desirable attribute of the decade. She was twenty-one. Her name was Clara Bow.”
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how to tell dogs and horses apart 

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How to tell if your waifu loves you back

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"Kurt had a weird sense of humor, which was kind of grotesque. You could see it in the comics and drawings he did; he was a good visual artist. Sometimes he would speak in these high-pitched voices, like a child Satanist. We were always laughing about something, being ridiculous – mostly dumb jokes. He and I would talk if things were bugging him. I’d go, “Oh, things will be all right.” I had more of an outgoing personality. I had fun, talking with people onstage, drinking beers. But Kurt was really smart. He had his perception of the world. He knew how to deal with it. He had that Asian-wisdom thing – silence. He could read people really good, too, way better than I could. Now that I’m older, I’m getting better at it. You see that a lot of people are vampires. You see their agendas. I never used to see that. But Kurt was able to see that. He could take care of himself. His thing was, “Build your own world.” Wherever he lived, he’d have all this stuff on the walls, drawings or music or things he had collected. There would be 10 statues of Colonel Sanders, which was kind of weird. One place, he had wood paneling, and he found this old magazine from the 1960s, with this woman in an ad, stroking wood paneling. He put that on the wall."

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I Love You Porgy // Barbra Streisand

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Clara Bow, the original “it” girl, 1930.
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